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I have always thought that when someone says something they should have in mind what they are giving and what they expect to receive. As I discover this world of blogs and twitter and all this stuff, the first thing It comes to my mind is “Why would anyone want to follow me?”. I guess [...]

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“the idea or business you are going to develop should be able to start with a figure you deem achievable ”

How to get your first investors

As I was wondering which would be the topic of my first blog, I came up with the idea that it should be useful for the reader. I think, as a starting point, a good TIP for any reader is how to get funds for a first business or, at least, how it was in [...]

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“Most people hate successful people. ”

The enemies of success

Experience has taught me something weird that happens in Argentina: Most people hate successful people. If you have success, you earn money, you appear in the papers for a good and novel accomplishment, it is like you are smeared with honey near a hive of killer bees. They are investors who made money but consider [...]

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