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1973 Patricio Fuks is born on August 3 in Buenos Aires.

1992 Begins studying economics at the Universidad Di Tella.

1994 Becomes very involved in his father’s hotel, where his achievements in marketing and sales convince him to abandon his studies.

1996 At the age of 22, launches the advertising agency, Achivers Advertising.

1997 Wins the FIAP [Ibero-American Advertizing Festival] Gold Award for a radio advertisement for the CTI telephone company.

2001 Marries Carolina, and a few months later closes the agency to seek out new ventures.

2002 Together with his university colleagues, rents the Hotel Bisonte, which reopens its doors a month later as Dazzler, thus beginning a new phase in the hotel industry.

2004 With three hotels under his management, founds the Fën Hotels Group.

2007 Chosen by Endeavor as Argentinian Entrepreneur.


  • Fën Hoteles

Patricio Fuks has had an enterprising spirit since childhood. At 10 years of age, he created a school calendar that he sold to his classmates. As a 12-year-old, he organized parties where he was the disc jockey, introducing new music that he had brought from New York City on family vacations.

From that point on, drawing on the influence of the time spent in university, in addition to his contact with people who had a similar enterprising spirit, Patricio developed his personal projects in several industries.

Achivers Advertising. The agency was launched in 1996 when Patricio was only 22 years of age. His experience working with corporate clients in his father’s hotel fed Patricio’s drive to open his own agency. He started by offering services to provide CTI brochures, then he won the account, and a few months later he received the FIAP [Ibero-American Advertising Festival] Gold Award for a radio advertisement made for this telephone company.

He was responsible for reviving the identity of Correo Argentino [Argentina Postal Service] nationwide. With Banco Comafi he won an award for the best direct marketing campaign, and with Fondo Vitivinícola he worked on repositioning Argentinian wine to appeal to a youthful population. His clients also included Unimarc, Coto and Minetti.

Achivers Advertising was in operation until 2001, when Patricio saw signs of a negative shift in the advertising industry, and he decided to shift his focus in favor of other projects.

Fën Hotels. A company devoted to the development, franchising  and management of hotel businesses. The origin of the project dates back to 2002, when Patricio joined together with two university colleagues to rent the Hotel Bisonte in Buenos Aires, renovating and reopening the hotel with a new name: Dazzler. Two years later he was managing three hotels, which lead to the creation of the Fën Hotels Group.

Fën has 20 hotels operating in several different Latin American cities and projects continued expansion to other parts of the continent. The challenge in the upcoming years will be reaching a capacity of 10,000 rooms, with 32 hotels under its management, and increasing its property assets that today total around 600 million dollars.

Fën’s business model offers opportunities to investors interested in a high rate of return, in an industry that sees permanent growth in the region, as well as proven know-how in managing those hotels in highest demand on the international tourism market. In addition, two franchise brands exist (Dazzler and Esplendor), which are known for their regional differences and brand-name furnishings, but also share the same attention to quality, elevating both brands to 4-star leaders in the market.

Being Pato

The son of David Fuks and Aída Tarrab, Patricio grew up in Belgrano neighborhood in Buenos Aires.  He spent his childhood playing soccer in the Platense Club, attending English classes at a bilingual school and travelling to New York City on family vacations. His continued exposure to international music ignited his passion to become a disc jockey, and for several years he was the organizer of very popular parties where he would share this music.

His grandparents have always been examples of achievement for Patricio: his maternal grandfather emigrated from Syria and built a successful career in the textile industry, while his other grandfather, from Poland, started off selling mattresses and went on to open his own furniture store.

As a teenager, spending time with friends his own age who already had personal enterprises inspired him to follow the same path, but the family expectations of a mother who is a psychologist and a father who is an architect meant that would pursue an academic degree.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Universidad Di Tella and began studying economics. There he met Alejandro Frenkel and Iván Kozicki, who would later become his partners at Fën. He stayed at the university for only two years, his desire to develop his own business becoming the deciding factor that prompted his decision to leave the university. Patricio grew up in two worlds: one filled with books and the other that was a “university of experience”.

Patricio is very respectful of Jewish traditions, observing many of them, such as the Shabat. In addition to his work devoted to the company every week, he always finds time for his family, going fishing, playing soccer or attending his children’s activities.

He has been married to Carolina since 2001 and they have four children: André (7), Uma (4), Simón (2) y Benjamín (10 months).


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